Grandma’s 90th Birthday

17 Oct

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More tower work

16 Jun

Somewhere in there is Oakland and SF behind it.

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Sailing is Back

31 May

Some pictures from now but. . .an update. San Francisco is a great place to sail. Much more wind and lots of races. I’m racing on a Catalina38 and have been doing some cruising on an Olsen 911s and an Islander 36 as well. Thanks to everyone who’s let me tromp around their boat!

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A view

19 May

This was a tower I was on top of today. Was a nice view. 


Wine Cellar

04 Sep

I’m building a wine fridge. It’s fun. I took an old Kenmore minifridge that I picked up on craigslist and gutted it. Then I took two layers of solid closed cell foam insulation; one layer of 2″ normal and one layer of 2″ foiled. and made a nice box out of that. I’ve been slowly building the inside using maple 1/4-inch plywood. . It’s getting there.

Wine Cellar

The Wine Fridge (getting closer)


On Top of the World

04 Aug

So, I’ve got a new job. I got laid off in January and was out of work for a while. Rudy and Alex from Monkeybrains found out about this and called me up. I’ve been doing wireless internet installs and working with them on their ISP now for about four months. I really like it and I’m getting to do a lot of fun things. If you live in SF and need Internet, give me a ring.

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Porsche Caught Fire

22 Jun

Wasn’t a great day for the Porsche. Anna had it out on some errands and had stopped at a gas station to give me a call. She bumped up against the steering wheel and, to the best of my deductive skills, there was a short in the wiring harness. She described a short flame burst from the steering column and some smoke. Once she found that the smoke was continuing, she tried to remove the battery terminal wires to no avail. The smoke became fire and some crazy minutes later a fire truck was dumping water on the lovely leather interior. Sigh, not a good day.

I just so happened to have purchased a new radiator for it earlier that day and was going to install it before I had to pick my dad up from the airport. Needless to say that didn’t happen. Luckily Eric lent me his rabbit pickup and I was still able to fetch the old guy. He helped me clear out the damaged parts today and I’ll just need a bit more prep work before I can start getting the new gear into it.


Bathroom Update

27 May

I finished plumbing in the toilet and sink (kinda) I still need to finish the feed line for the toilet and finish the drain for the sink. They’re ALMOST done.


My Visit to New York

27 May

Well, this will be a good sized one. I went to New York for about 3.5 weeks to help my parents replace their roof and do some visiting (and sailing). Their place is really pretty during the summer.

While I was there we looked at the creek that runs along their driveway and decided something had to be done ASAP about an oxbow that was eating it’s way under the driveway. We took the 41 tons of stone + a LOT of dirt + digging a bypass channel route, went pretty well but I hear my dad’s been trying to get the tractor stuck in there since I’ve left.

We also built my mother a very nice masonry stove. She got the directions from Mother Earth News but it was pretty obvious that whoever wrote them up did so in hindsight. We made our own changes to the design and one thing went wrong. We think that we may have fired it up too soon and there was some water/steam expansion in the grout that cause some heaving. Pops will have to fix that.  If I were to do it all over again, I would have turned it 90 degrees and moved the smokestack to the front of the oven like a standard masonry stove. It made GREAT pizza!!

Was a wonderful last meal in New York to make food off the oven you just finished building. However, the most skin and sweat was lost putting together a relic from the Alborn days. The windtower is back!

After countless hours and toil, it was up. . I got to go to the top and unhook the straps and take a look around (I actually went up a few times with the camera for these)

I also finished up painting the teeth on the garage.Some sailing was in order when the weather broke.

But before we could go out, the boat had to be cleaned, prepped and waxed. . That was WORK.Luckily mom makes awesome pies!

I had a great time there and it was good to be reacquainted with the Finn Work Camp!


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Tile Laid For Bathroom

01 Apr

Zee bathroom is getting ready. I’ve laid out the tile here covering the floor drain which I’ll have to carefully cut out with the wet saw.

Tile Layout

Then I morter’d them down.

The the floor with mortar just set

Bathroom floor view (toilet side)

Bathroom floor view (sink side)